Product Sustainability

The Product Sustainability Services focus on assessing the physical attributes of products that trigger negative impacts across the life cycle of products. Through product data analysis AMLY can determine materials, components, life cycle phases, and processes that contribute to the impacts. The results can help your organization set up goals for product impact reduction and determine materials and design changes.

Measuring Green House Gases, water, and material consumption are key indicators to make products sustainable. Also, making products of safer materials is important to enabling recovery of clean materials for additional use, reducing the demand for virgin materials and the toxicity of certain chemicals in the formulas of products. The design phase is where more sustainable decisions can be made, thus, giving designers the right information and choices is key to sustainable practices and products.

AMLY product sustainability services assist manufacturers with the life cycle assessment and meaningful integration of the results plus the screening of the materials to identify potential hazards for product optimization.

Life Cycle Assessment Based Services

Product Life Cycle Assessment measures the environmental impacts of materials, processes and products. 

Environmental Product Declaration

B2B declaration of the environmental impacts of products.

Integrate Sustainability in the product design process.

Design or re-design for sustainability  & circularity.

Material Health Declaration Services

Periodic Table

Safer formulas of products are an important component of sustainable design. It is not only how material and components are put together but what are materials made of because chemicals can harm humans and the environment. Understanding potential risks of the material formulation can be done in multiple ways and AMLY takes one approach to help product manufacturers flag potential harms and optimize products. The Health Product Declaration Collaborative is the voluntary industry-leading standard facilitating the screening of formulas and reporting building product content and associated health information. HPD is incorporated as a reporting tool in leading certification programs such as LEED v4 and WELL.

AMLY works from your bill of materials to screen the formula using the HPDC builder that contains that connects with a material library to screen hazards of products/materials. A declaration report is generated for a public repository where all products are available.

Founder Past Experience


Assessment of Cuties diapers for the Cradle to Cradle products certification program. 

— Consulting at SGS for First Quality Hygienic

Material health declarations of raised floor boxes for the Health Product Declaration Collaborative Program, LEED and Google Portico.

— Consulting at SGS for Legrand - Wiremold

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Life Cycle Assessment & Environmental Product Declarations of electrical & electronic products. 

—Consulting at SGS for Schneider Electric

End of life evaluation, report for recycling facilities, and Eco-design recommendations.

—Consulting at SGS for Plantronics